Thursday, May 9, 2013

Granado Xavier again...

... Just because I took a stupidly huge number of photos of Xavier, and I liked the cat. I have way too much work--and I still have to mow in back. I was saved yesterday by my neighbor Bob and his riding mower (Bob is "contractor Tony's" dad and I think my neighbor Rob's father as well), who was over mowing Rob's lawn. He saw me rolling over pinecones with the push mower and just drove around the fence and did the front yard--in five minutes instead of an hour. So the front lawn looks great, but the back grass is growing like the beanplant in "Jack and the Beanstalk". I am also trying to locate the dead chipmunk (still) in the ducts, and trying to get all the seedling plants into the ground. AND I need to paint some of the exterior of the house because the last person who painted skipped the pesky primer step, so the acrylic paint is sheeting off of in spots off the siding, revealing the Orthanc Black that the entire house was painted in before. That black paint is tough, too--some kind of iron and oil-based stain that is layers-deep deep in the wood. Even the pergola was painted black. I still want to find time to make 2 doll-sized Royal Navy jackets, a second pair of shoes, stockings, and another hat for Coppersmith/Xavier.

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