Iplehouse Discovers Monster High

It's not much of a secret that most BJD lovers have a love of those Monster High girls--they are so cute, and so posable..and so affordable! For myself, I find the tiny tiny hands too much, and no way could I turn a sleeve that was designed to go over an arm the thickness of a drinking straw; so I have resisted them. Mostly. K has a Lagoona that I bought for her, but I am not sure she even has it at her place. But now Iplehouse has decided both to have some fun and also introduce something similar to the MH girls and less hard on the wallet than the "big guys"-- so here is Dorothy, one of the line of Pixxies and my favorite. You can go stare at her here

Dorothy's Sales Page

She is 19 cm tall and has some fabulous resin shoe-feets!

Here are the rest of the Pixxie Things: