Tesla again

A few weeks ago I bought a Migma Lavender Vampire head from Sarqq, figuring I would make a fun steampunk electrical vampire out of her. I have painted her face (with rather goofy eyebrows, but it's not the worst faceup I have done, so it will do for now) and I had a wig for her. For some reason I thought the wig that I scissored up for Lt. Coppersmith was hers, but no, I was tidying up today and opened her shoe box--and there, neatly wrapped in tissue and labelled, was her own wig. So after sitting around sulking, bald and cranky and no doubt causing my lightbulbs to fail daily (I have over 50 over the whole house, so one is always out), now she can sit around and drain the juice out of my AA batteries. And here she is, sizing up her next victim, the Home Depot Floor Lamp: