Tiny 1700's shoes

I need doll shoes, and I have wanted to make them for ages--but I wanted to start out with something easy, that didn't have a heel. Partly because I wasn't sure how well my Granado guys would stand in heels; they have small feet. So I found an old dead purse and cut it up for the pleather. If you are making doll shoes, regular leather is too thick--craft leather is better, but pleather is stiff enough to look right and soft enough to go through the sewing machine. I'm thinking even craft felt and polymer gloss medium might work,(for a little shine and less fuzz) though you would want to do the polymer last after they were sewed up.

These shoes with flaps are based on a pair of kid's shoes that are in the Williamsburg museum collection--I was having trouble fitting the sides of the shoes and the flaps make the sides more adjustable, so that was an easy fix. You can see why buckles were so common on shoes--not as decorations only, but as a way to keep the flaps together and make the shoe adjustable. I might cheat and stick some velcro under the flap and apply the "buckle" on top. I am also going to recut the right shoe so the gator pattern matches better; I wasn't paying attention when I cut the first shoe out. Though the pattern works pretty well, it needs some tweaking still.

Those are Lieutenant Coppersmith's feet in the shoes--it's going to be strange to have him with a head when it comes; I am getting used to him sitting around headless while I sew things.

Here is the final look of these shoes--it ended up being late and I just wanted to finish them, rather than try to attach a strap and a buckle, so I sewed on two eyes from a box of hooks and eyes, and laced them together with craft cording.


  1. Oh fish, they look very good. I tried boots once with a flat sole. I did the leather sewing by hand and it took me forever! I still have them but they don’t fit any doll I have right now. Yours turned out much better than mine.

  2. Well, these are like the 2nd or third try..and real leather *is* hard to sew. The purse pleather here isn't much harder to sew through than regular polyester doubleknit. I'm sure as a real shoe it wouldn't hold up, but the dolls don't walk around much.:D And thank you!


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