Flowers For Elvellin

Elvellin visited my blog a while back to check out the Super Gem Stringing Guide, so every now and then I go visit her blog:

Since I read it in translation, Google doesn't include text embedded in jpegs, and Elvellin mentioned she was going to the hospital this weekend, and then added a photo panel from House (thereby confirming that I like Elvellin) to explain why. Even if it's for removing earwax, a trip to the hospital is no fun; so I poked around in my files looking for a flower photo that I hadn't put up yet. I did find a good one of roses and lilacs, but on close examination I realized that the flowers were looking a little sad and droopy, so I fixed them up in Art Rage. Here is the original photo before the paint-over:

I'm not sure Elvellin will even see the flowers unless someone from stops by, but you never know when a good thought helps. :)