Monday, May 6, 2013

The MacGuffin

"In crook stories it is almost always the necklace, and in spy stories it is most always the papers." — Alfred Hitchcock
In this case, it's the necklace. For some reason I felt compelled to make a backstory for my Royal Navy dolls; apparently it wasn't enough just to sew the clothes..and since a lot of the clothes-wearers are elves and fauns and whatnot, it seemed like Captain Aldwood would make post as a Captain a lot faster if he had something useful to the some kind of magic rock. That maybe would let you see fortifications at a distance or the shape and depth of harbors. But of course all interesting magic items have a downside, so for no reason this one is actually the trapped ghost of a Roman pirate, of questionable morals, who can do the seeing through walls. So what would this slightly nasty rock necklace look like? A bit sparkly, a bit organic, and a bit like something found in the bottom of the fridge. Made from a bit of dichroic glass, some copper pulled out of insulated wire and hammered flat and bent, and some yarn roving glued together with gloss polymer medium. (I have decided that there is nothing gloss medium cannot do.)

Who knew polyester yarn could look so disgusting?


  1. Oh my stars, that thing is flipping awesome. What a great use of found things and gloss medium!

    It definitely looks like something one would find in a questionable corner of one's refrigerator. :D

  2. *It definitely looks like something one would find in a questionable corner of one's refrigerator.*
    At Hogwarts! (I bet they really hate cleaning the fridge there) :D


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