HerrZog's Izis (Vesuvia) and the "New Flickr"

Flickr has redone it's layout, and if you have a slow computer you may want to not visit for a few days until they adjust the display--it loads up a huge page of border-reduced photos all at once if you go look at someone's Photostream--and if you have a slow computer it will freeze. It's also not good if you are looking on a smart phone and your plan charges you for data transfers! If you scroll down to the bottom it suddenly looks more familiar--the photo information is there, and you can even figure out where you are in the stream (most recent images are still on the left of the slideshow).

When I did a search for HerrZog I got put on the page I am linking to below--it may be an older set or a sub-album (navigation is now a little unfamiliar to me on Flickr) However, the photos are gorgeous (as usual) and HerrZog also has some seriously cute kitten photos in there. :D

HerrZog's (sub album?) Flickr