The Bird Feeder

Random tulip is there just because they look great today...all the bother of planting them is so worth it. (I usually get a bag of 50 in the fall, thinking I LOVE tulips...until I am on my hands and knees, trying to push number 20 down into a rocky hole as it rains on my back.) Anyway, the big news is that my neighbor put up a bird feeder. Normally my gray cat ignores birds--he's not a "leaper", he likes to either wait by a hole or race like a cheetah after rabbits. But it looks like he has plans here. I may have to ask the neighbors to move the feeder up a little. On the other hand, the gray cat will grab all the squirrels and mice that come to share in the seeds.

In the evenings, I have been working on a shirt for my Granado Xavier, and there was a miracle and the collar doesn't look too bad (so far). It's been slow going since I have had so much work.