Sirius and a Land Shark

I spent the day waiting for cover feedback; so I did some planting, cleaned the pond filter (I removed most of the barley pellets, which were now looking a lot like wet plywood), swept up maple seeds, put the netting back on the pond, did laundry, dishes, mopped, changed the shower curtain, wrote a rather anxious note to a friend who lives in Oklahoma City, and took some photos. This is Sirius, the Doll in Mind Event Elf on the DollZone 72 body, and if you look, you can see a blue spot in the back, by the fence. That is the deadly Land Shark:

It likes to attack children on the trampoline, usually with some help from one of the middle siblings of the 7 kids. The older girls jump and talk on the cell phone at the same time. (The kids make me laugh almost every day.)

The cats amuse me too--here my grey cat has discovered that he has a tail: