The Fixit Project

Today I worked on redoing someone else's book cover for a small publisher. I actually enjoy doing these finish/repair projects a lot, even though they pay less, because a) I feel like I can only improve what was there before if the publisher was desperate enough to entrust it to me, b) Usually whatever there has a good core idea in it that I can just polish up, and then it's like archaeology, carefully taking a brush and uncovering the good parts and neatening up any untidy parts and c) I'm not starting out with a blank file, which is Not Fun. All that white. Also, sometimes there is a funny story why it wasn't finished. Other times I don't ask :D

The photo is one I have been hoarding for ages to use for something, it's a Lego Old Testament set, or also "what I was hoping would be the end result of the polliwog project".