Ice Cube Trays, Rats, Spiders, Pumpkins

I finally found ice cube trays. We had gone to Tuesday Morning, a odd-lot store that has a ton of kitchen things at discount prices, and even they didn't have a single tray, not even novelty ones. I was starting to think the only people that still carried ice cube trays were the "novelty" stores, and I would have to drink next summer's ice tea with little penises bobbing around in them. But the manager at Tuesday Morning said that while she hadn't been able to find any for her store, Dollar Tree had "lots" ("and for a dollar!"). So we drove over there and not only did they have standard cube trays, they had novelty Halloween ones. For a dollar. I also picked up another Squeaky the Rat since the last Squeaky went to live with catcara, though in return she sent me the Flocked Spider of Awesomeness. I shall send her the Novelty Ice Tray for this season. We also found a pumpkin at Trader Joes, and some pumpkin bars:

And while we were out yesterday, a GIANT SPIDER made this enormous web in the corner of the breakfast nook. It was big enough that we resorted to the vaccuum. I can't let them be inside, they always end up biting me and I swell up in golfball sized welts.


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