How Big Do Catfish Get?

The answer is "bigger than you would like." I can see what search terms people type in to get to this blog, and the terms usually are completely random and often very funny: "sexy robot girls" was one of my favorites. Alas, I have very few cyborg cuties to show off; I wish I had more! Anyway, the "we are going to need a bigger net" catfish shown above was lifted from, though I am sure it came originally from a fishing blog.

If you ever need to find the original source for an image, google can help you dig it up--left click on the image and select "copy image location" then open a new tab, and put the long URL of the image into Google. Google will take you to a page where it will tell you to Search Images instead, so click on that link and Google will display all the instances of that image on the Net for you it can find. Look for the largest version of that image, and skip, if you can, stinky aggregator sites like Pinterest and WeHeartIt. Often the ultimate source is a blog somewhere or a personal website.


  1. dunh duh dunh duh dunh dunh duh "We're going to need a bigger frying pan".

    ~_^ Raj


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