Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Saw Arrives

J finally got his saw, sort of as his own birthday present. It's a Saw-Stop, which has a safety feature of being able to detect fingers too close to the blade and apply a brake to the blade (it's apparently dramatic to see how it works, I think there are YouTube videos of it). I'm happy with this, since J works in the shop by himself most of the time, and he needs his fingers. In reality, he's probably going to be fine since he worked for years in refineries, and is Mr. Safety. (At a party once another guy said to J, "Your job scares me" and he was a nuclear power plant operator at Salem ;D) On the other hand, I was worried about J getting this 300 lb monster up into the shop, but he made a rolling cart for it and didn't drop it on his toes.

Here it is safely in the shop--it still needs the base (on backorder):

You can see even with the cart it was heavy. Now I have to resist the temptation to present J with a long list of wood projects I want :D

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