Heels on a Delf Boy

My friend Girrl has an interesting problem: she has a large Granado Jaden head and the desire to make him into a short, fairly flat-chested girl so he could hang out with her Erszabet, who I think is a petite 50-something cm girl. Because the Jaden head is so large, I thought the sort of androgynous Delf Boy body would have a big enough neck for the head but be curvy enough to make a flat-chested girl. Alejandro here has a big head--size 9 for wigs, but he looks fine on his own Delf body. Girrl also wanted some heel feet-- would the Granado Male heel feet fit the Delf ankles? It turns out they fit fine--I would hot-glue suede the ankles to stabilize them, buy you can see they fit the ankles ok:

Since Alejandro is old and a bit mellowed, the new pink feet don't match his older normal skin, but a newer Fairyland body or even a 2010 or newer Luts Delf body would be the Normal Pinky color that these feet are. Girrl also wanted to see some alternate hands--here I have the original El "grabby hands" on the left, and some Dikadoll jointed hands that are Normal Yellow (there is a white one in there too).

The second photo is a old Soom Female Hook Hand, and I like it a lot for size and shape--Girrl would need to order one now, though, to get a better color match than the White shown here.

I was curious to see if Al could stand on the heel feet with some Mimiwoo shoes, and the answer is yes, Mimiwoo's shoes fit the Granado Male Heel Feet perfectly,

and he can stand in them--though since he is not wired or sueded I felt I needed to prop him for the photo.