Yomigaeri's Luna Tamer

Yomigaeri is listing a Rose Gray Iplehouse Luna Tamer on Den of Angels (here--you need to be a qualified member to see the listing) and while I have way too many pretty girls that I need to finish here, I have to admit I was tempted. It is challenging sometimes to get things out of Russia (I've bought small items with no trouble; it takes about a month for things to arrive) but EMS is pretty reliable, and Yomigaeri herself is a good seller. And look how cute Luna's face is! Yomigaeri did her faceup and I suspect made that adorable rockabilly dress too, which is included in the sale. Also included are the boots, that fabulous mohair wig, the necklace, the original box and certificate. One pair of feet are lighter (as often happens when one set is used and the other is in storage), but it looks like Yomigaeri sanded the whole doll down at one point to even out the color before she repainted the doll. Luna is on the old, sturdy EID body as well. Such a cutie!