About 20 Minutes At Waterfall Glen

The weather today was perfect, and since it was the first day I was really up and around we did some errands and then drove randomly around, ending up at the wilderness area by Argonne National Labs; Waterfall Glen. It is an easy walk to the falls and the day was gorgeous and the temperature perfect AND the falls had quite a bit of water going over them, but there were also TEN THOUSAND MOSQUITOES. SO many, J looked like he was surrounded by a cloud of paparazzi as we walked. Arm waving and swatting only made handfuls of dead mosquitoes stick to us. I got several bites, even though normally mosquitoes don't like me much, but J looked like if we'd stayed out much longer he'd need an IV put in. So I took 3 photos and we bolted back to the car. I did find a philips-head screwdriver in the grass by the road, only a bit rusty, and exactly the right size to put in the small screws I had bought earlier at Target to get the dining room light plate to stay on, so that was nice. Here are the other two photos: