Soom Body and Parts Sale, and some cautions

Here is the page the has the links to the different sales pages--I found it was easier to start on this page than to jump from the Notice. And here are the dates: We will open a new Bodies & Parts Sale from Sept. 3rd (Wed.) ~ Sept. 21st (Sun.) 2014.

AND they are selling THE CYBORG BODY. No head, but you can get her in normal, cream white, tawny, bronze, or gray. A couple of things to remember--she is expensive because of the body cuts, and the default ball-jointed hands. Also she is the smaller new body, so don't try to cram a Onyx, Galena or Dia head on her as they are all pretty large. The new body heads (everything after Gneiss) heads, including the new Saiph, fit fine.

And a note about hands--if you are buying hands, DO NOT BUY any of the new pose hands unless you already own a set of the magnet hands with the ball and pin assembly, because Soom is not providing the bases--this is strictly an upgrade to a doll you already have, on the New Body. You can use the old hands on anything, though, and I am actually getting a pair of the old hook hands for Gneiss and Tremo, because both of them tend to have their magnet hands fall off.


  1. I love that cyborg body - good thing I can no longer order from Soom. When they upgraded their site suddenly all the choices along that top banner disappeared. I emailed them twice asking for help but with no reply. Could not do the Q & A because I have no way of signing on. I have spent enough at Dollshe anyway. ;) I have two Venitus and Christy is working on a tattoo for my Copper resin fellow. It is not complete yet but here is a photo on my flickr:
    I love him!
    How is the kitchen coming?

    1. Are you using Firefox? I have had trouble with Chrome sometimes, but I am on a PC too. On the other hand, you are saving money :D I'm trying not to look too hard at Dollshe because I love their newest scupts so much. The kitchen is partly painted but I spent most of this week with a cold so nothing got done but some laundry :P At least we went out a bit today. I will go see your flickr now!


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