Soom Northerly Breeze here :D

I was so happy..he came in a box, even though he was a kit! (usually the kits are just loose in the outer shipper, but the outer boxes often get trashed en route, so I had bought, along with the Bunny Man, a soft zip bag-- and asked if maybe his parts could be stuffed in it.) Instead Soom went even better, and sent it all like this, safe and sound:

I got both sets of hands, all the magnets and the horns exactly as requested, and Gideons' white wig--the wig is one of the ones on the front page, they are big (ID in the prefix is Idealian, one size up from the size 8 supergems).

The white one is translucent enough that the cap shows through, but I expected that and Gideon is getting feathers put in there anyway, so it doesn't matter. The red and brown versions of this wig are gorgeous,I think I have of the red ones. The hair is a little slick and stiff and stays neat. Mr. Bun, on the other hand, is wearing a messy Panda by Monique. He still looks cute:

The Soom eyes, while cool, didn't fit him quite as well as the Denver Doll glass ones here (from the grab bag I bought a while ago). The really great eyes in him are the ones from Ersa Flora that belong to someone else; I may have to eventually get him his own in that sparkle option. In the meantime I need to get him strung:

The inside of his head still says "White Rabbit" :D.

One more as he waits for me to get him together:

Together at last:

Two shy guys:

I need to redo Zinnober's faceup--it's really old and I think I can do a better job this time!


  1. Ohh, you got white rabbit! nice!

    He's very gentle looking. I hope you can also post something about assembling the male body since I had tons of trouble with the female body's legs =(

    1. Thank you!! The two things that helped me the most was sewing the string together at the ends, so there was no knot, and making sure the hip pieces were right side up. Its easy to put them in upside down and not realize it as the difference is small, but then one leg is never quite right. Those knee pieces need to fit tight in the thigh, too--soom has at least once put in ones that were slightly too large, so the knee wouldn't shut--a little sanding would fix the fit, but you have to know that is what is happening! Here's where I put together Tremo (who was a Simple Pose guy)
      There was one for gneiss but I think it's on my box opening thread on Den of Angels, and probably deleted by now.

  2. Congrats on getting him, he looks great~ There seems to be so few photos of the newer Soom releases, so it's always great to see owner photos :)

    1. Thank you! I love how his face was painted <3I wonder if there are fewer photos because Soom sells fewer of each mold than they used to? There are so many new companies making nice dolls, and there are also more recasters taking sales away too :(

    2. It does look awesome, especially for a Soom faceup! I feel like their faceups have gotten quite plain and don't do justice to the sculpts :/ I wouldn't have realized that this guy had default faceup, if you hadn't brought it up XD

      It's true that there's a lot of competition these days... Soom also releases new dolls so often that it's hard to keep up and no one could possibly afford everything ^^;

    3. I like that they are doing earlier promos though--Soom used to just pop up stuff, and I would be sad because it would be something wonderful and it always takes me a month to get together a down payment. (looks at the Cyborg). I also should not spend so much time looking at your adorable Neemos :D


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