Wolpertinger and a Sea Nymph

This is Soom's Northerly Breeze, a redoing of their White Rabbit back when Alice and her friends were the theme of the monthly dolls. I thought he was nice when he came, but I don't feel as attached to him as I do my Granado guys--possibly because I just bought him because I thought he was cute, rather than having much of a theme for him. But he's sort of grown on me, blue eyeshadow and all. I do think he's going to be the last Soom boy I buy--I've ended up selling all of them except for Tremo and the Sphaler brothers, and Soom seems to be struggling a bit right now anyway--someone on Den of Angels thought they might have just gotten much more popular in China, and are a little overextended. So it's probably a good time to just work on the dolls that are here and in the pipeline. I've gotten a start on the DIY mermaid, since I decided I'd rather do my own Sea Nymph rather than hope that a company will make her the way I want. She'll end up looking a bit like this:

I'll use something reversible like paper clay for the feet and hand details and the gills.