Benny The Greater

So here's the new, larger Benny head; still with no ears, now made out of Fimo (which is less gooey than Sculpey) and needing some more fine sanding and cleaning out of his eyewells. (The next head I will set up from the start with a support that presses out the eyebacks to begin with, and has a smoother surface for the back of the faceplate.)

Here's the foil being pulled out from the inside of the face--

Once the foil was out, I trimmed back the edges, and you can see the interesting... but unfortunate... texture inside. I actually went and found the dremel and read the instructions so I could use the tiny sander to start eyewells in there. It's a slow business because it looks all to easy to pop through the eyelid without meaning to.

Here he is with his feet--I have a Soom Euclase body with the claw feet and hands (I think it was from the Free Choice Event in 2014), and I am working on painting his feet and body before the weather gets cold.

In case you were wondering, Benny is a church gargoyle and no spring chicken, which is why I wanted to make his head-- since it's very hard to find a "gnarly" guy from the heads commercial doll companies make. He'll have feather wings, and possibly horns, if I can find some from Blue Otter Paradise (since she carries clear and twinkly ones) :) He's designed to be a buddy for Gideon, my eccentric angel.