Iplehouse's Omar

The handsome Omar is now up on Iplehouse's Flickr! People on Den of Angels have pointed out he looks a lot like Omar Borkan Al Gala, the hottie who was supposedly asked to leave Saudi Arabia because he was "too hot", if you believe everything you read on the Internet. But Omar definitely is a doll. I'm poor or he'd come home to live with me, or maybe I will just make a little paperclay head of him. It turns out to be fun to make heads, lumps and all.

And Omar is for sale here!



  1. I remember the news about Omar lol! But really I think it was something else because He was kicked out? The headline was too funny so it went viral hehe
    he's super handsome and He really looks like the hottie from the news XD
    Makes me want him, but I feel it's a bit creepy to want him ? We need more ethnic looking hotties :)

    1. I mostly buy guy dolls to creep on them ;) Omar is super cute--I'm not quite sure what size he is yet, I need to log into the site itself and read the development notes.


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