Dollshe's Fashion Line

Mr. Dollshe has been working on the details of his smaller version of Grant Phillipe and Ausley Love, including some extra hand poses. He has photographs of the dolls laid out in pieces, so you can see all the parts, and where the silicon disks go; which I thought was interesting. (I was not willing to pull apart Phillipe to see what was going on inside). The article (and photos) is here. Part of me wants a big Ausley Love-- so I am hoping maybe next summer she will go on sale. :D My friend Jo has one and she loves, loves her and her posing.


  1. I do love that Ausley body and her ability to pose. I have somehow accumulated over 60 dolls and now that we are packing up to move again, I thought this time I would actually sell some dolls instead of buying them. I certainly OD while moving before. I have not had time to check your blog or anything doll lately. Now taking a break and checking in on your site and and DoA2. Will let you know if I decide to let an Ausley go - think I have 6 bodies and two of her heads. whew!

    1. Oh boy I need to write you a PM! (I hate moving, myself--so stressful!) I will say the professional movers were fantastic with the dolls--they were super careful with them! So you don't have to sell any if you don't want to--they will move fine.


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