Iplehouse Shows You How to do Asa's Hair

Yes, this style!

This is all my Asa currently has:

Vermont Chick told me to go look in Iple Data, which is buried under here (You have to be logged into the site first): HOME < IPLE_TALK < Iple Data < How to make Asa's Hair Style

There is a TON of useful things in this subfolder, "Iple Data", including pictures of the various sculpts in different wigs and outfits, which can really help to see if the sculpt is going to work for the character/ clothing you have in mind.

I still need to find or make that style of wig first, and I am tending towards making it--I spent the weekend being very busy, but also I made another wig, a hand for Ital/Forrest,here, still needs nail shaping and paint:

I also did some research on where to buy Apoxie Sculpt, Fimo, LaDoll and some other stuff because I want to make some flintlocks and some other rubbish. I went to Dick Blick in Wheaton and they had none of the things on my list, though they have GIANT BAGS of porcelain clay (cone 10), if you need that. I suspect you save a lot of money picking that up from the store instead of having it shipped to you. :D Here's my unwilling fit model for the new wig:


  1. I'm glad IH posts such useful pictures! I can't see them because you have to be logged in and I'm not sure if I already have an account with them or not and I'm too lazy to go check XD

    I really like your wig!

    You are lucky to have a Dick Blick close enough so you can go there. Their international shipping system is confusing and I always forget how to order, but eventually figure it out. Plus the shipping rates are really high >.> and there's nothing like Dick Blick in my country :(

    1. Dick Blick tends to carry mostly US brands and I like some German stuff, so I have to hunt around for it :D Is this anywhere near you? It's downtown Santiago, it sound promising...(near the Palace)
      Mundo Artesano
      Calle San Pablo 950, L 5
      Parking looks problematic, though.

    2. I live in Santiago :) I'll go have a look, thanks! I've checked a lot of art supplies store but they are usually very small and don't carry stuff like W&N brush cleaner, though they do bring some other stuff from that brand XD. But who knows, maybe I can find some great stuff there, thanks again !

  2. It's great that Iplehouse has that category on their site, it can be really useful! I had never seen that post about Asa's hair though, definitely need to save the link for future use :)

    1. There is a lot if info--I need to go back and look at the photos of some of the other SID girls in casual clothes. They look so different!

  3. Same here, I know I signed up but that was years ago. I may just have to sign up again under a new email. O_o

    The curled locks look just about perfect size, too!


    1. That is super cheap Lion yarn and its a pleasure to work with! Every skein I have bought has worked really well for wigs. Plus you get so freakin' much in one skein!


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