Friday, August 21, 2015

Sculpey vs LaDoll

It turns out that Benny is a small man..too small, in fact; which turns out not to matter: I had finished his ears and was using the pliers to pull out the foil support so I could dig out his eyewells and cook him, and I was doing this over the trash since I was making a lot of little bits of foil..and of course I lost my grip on the head... and BOOM into the trash he went. Luckily it was mostly paper, cookie crumbs and bits of foil in there, but his ears squashed off entirely and his profile lost some shape as well. Raw sculpey is a pain to keep nice. But I fished him out of the bin, and decided it would be better to shape his ears separate from the head and glue them on after cooking them separately-- since they were thinner than the rest of the head and would cook too fast. So I put his head in the oven for 35 minutes, and he came out perfect as far as cooking goes--nice and hard but not scorched or brittle. Then I took him over to the newly arrived Euclase body and it was way. I looked around for the smallest SD body I could find, and even then the size difference was ridiculous. That is an old Soom Gem body up there in the first picture. I've never had that thing look huge before. So I went and got out Jack, my Granado Terra, here giving me the side eye:

Benny was not too successful even on that msd-sized body:

"Fight me, Helen"

On the up side, the cooked sculpey held the hook fine--he feels durable enough to (if he was some realistic size) survive being put on and taken off conventional bjd bodies. I actually like working with the La Doll more, but LaDoll alone isn't strong enough to be kicked around like cooked Sculpey--here is a monster mask I was messing around with for Gravitas, my drowned man:

At the moment it's unsupported LaDoll and about 1 cm thick, and I can snap off the edges with my fingers. The mask will get lined with fabric once it's cleaned up inside, and the outside will be sprayed with Krylon Fusion per Sicktress' recommendation, but I think future items need to have some sort of wire screenage inside to reinforce the clay, and maybe fabric lining, as well as a metal washer to support a head hook. As for Bennie, well, my next head will be much bigger. :D

And he is--this is Benny the Greater, awaiting sanding--he's made of Fimo this time (it's closer to Soom normal)

Still no ears--they will plug into holes you can't see from this angle.

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