Friday, August 7, 2015

A shirt, and Eyeco's Soft Glass Emerald and Smokey Topaz Eyes

I originally started this shirt for Coppersmith, before I realized it wasn't his style--for some reason he likes sleeker, less fussy styles; I imagine he's about 1770 in his preferences for narrower cuts and larger buttons while Captain Aldwood is still wearing his father's 1740 "wide-cuff-and-long-waistcoat" clothing. Philippe, shown here, would wear much more silk, lace and elaborate styles since he's French-- and he has access to fancy materials that the Brits do not. Amazingly, it fits him. I just need to find cuff lace that matches, since what is on the shirt now, was taken off a shirt of mine and there wasn't a lot of lace there to scavenge.

My eyeco eyes came--they shipped in less than 24 hours and they are far nicer than the store photo would lead you to believe. This is Soft Glass Emerald in 13mm:

And this is Soft Glass Smokey Topaz:

Both are gorgeous--I haven't tried them in Phillipe yet because I am getting used to those big brown eyes. :D

In totally unrelated news, I have a sunflower out in back--it's about 8 feet tall and it's finally setting a flower. I planted a whole pack and I got, but it's a big one:

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