Granado's Pluto

Granado's Pluto has been released, and he is gorgeous. I would get him myself, but I have no character for him, and more importantly, he is designed to go on the bigger Evol body (which is more or less EID sized) so he wouldn't be size-compatible with the rest of my Granado crew--he'd be more the size of Kip, the Impldoll Plaice, who is an amiable moose, or Phillipe, who is currently hogging more than his share of the doll shelf. I have one slot for a 65 guy on a lower shelf, but even sideways Pluto wouldn't fit, and I hate to store anything that isn't a headless body in such an undignified way. So for now the gorgeous Mr. Pluto has to stay at other people's homes. You can buy his clothing too, by the way, and it might be a good idea since he is a large man. The outfit looks nice, too.

Here is the blank sculpt:

I want someone to make a Steve Rodgers/Captain America fan doll out of him. :D