Saturday, August 22, 2015

Kalypso Gets Taller

I've wanted to upgrade my Shushu's body for a while--I have never been a fan of the neck key design and finding her shoes...and clothes in general, was hard--she isn't Barbie sized, and isn't MSD/unoa sized, and Fairyland doesn't sell much for clothes unless you want fullsets, AND they now have a bewildering variety of bodies, so it's hard to figure out what fits what. But today was the Mitsuwa meetup, and I went and swapped for a Soulkid body, which is one of those "where have you been all my life" kind of doll experiences. For one thing, the Souldoll body is double jointed and has peanut knees and elbows; she's beautifully balanced, and has a clever if not entirely sucessful ankle design--the calves are the ball, rather than the ball being attached to the feet. This moves well and looks gorgeous but it means the upper edge of the foot is fragile, so she has had some repairs. Overall it's one of the loveliest bodies I have seen, especially for that size. Kalypso is also much less of a bobble head and her head style is compatible with the style of the body. And..she sits now. Like a boss. And now some pix (there is a resin difference because of the age difference between the head and the body, but in person it's hard to see):

And here is a little bun ears wig I found in a box:

I could get used to this size--Francesca also had a little Withdoll guy that was adorable and I really enjoyed seeing him in person...supposedly Withdoll will be doing more 60cm dolls and I may someday end up with one.

It was a fun day all around, even though it was the Day of Regrettable Drinks--so far Mitsuwa is the only place I have found that makes bubble tea the way I like it, but they were out of the Black Milk by the time I went to get one, so I randomly got Litchee (with tapioca). The flavor was fine, it's really sweet--but somehow the texture is exactly like diluted Elmer's Glue. The color of the drink is also very white, and that didn't help. Next time my backup flavor will be Peach.

I came home and rummaged around for something else to drink--I am out of decaf coffee so I found a box of Starbucks Cocoa Flavors and pulled out the Cinnamon Leche, which when made up following the instructions, tasted just like diluted cake mix. I'm looking forward to coffee tomorrow morning, with no sugar.

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