Ital the Ice Lord

Krowbar had a Fairyland 65cm male body that I thought would be great for Gideon, as I had one once before (Xtal has that one now). So we did a trade--she told me up front he had an "Ice Arm" that she wanted to keep, and I thought that was fine since I could just stuff a nub of resin in the arm hole and attach feathers and Gideon could have a "Wing Arm". Krowbar felt that she should send along a little something extra with the body, since it only had one she sent... a head. This head, in fact:

I thought maybe he was a Scar Breakaway, which are very much liked by people who collect Fairyland dolls, but after some Googling I found that while he was the Breakaway mold, he was really Ital the Ice Lord, which explains the Ice Arm. I'm not sure what explains the scars, but that seems to be a thing with Fairyland. Krowbar had added the smaller eyes (which I like a lot) and the fancier ears, and it turns out the teeth as well--they were done so well I thought at first they were part of the mold. In fact I might have kept the whole faceup except for the fact that his goatee was sort of purple, and at the moment I have no size 9 purple wigs AT ALL. Hardly any size 9 wigs, in fact.

Well, the problem with heads is that they want their own bodies, and as Gideon only sort of fit on the FL65, I decided I would just redo Ital and make him a Forest Lord or something, since the apoxie sculpt mods were sort of brownish.

So I painted his head, popped off his teeth, and started to build his right arm. I figured a fantasy arm with vines would cover a lot of poor modelling. I started out with Sculpey on the upper arm.

This looked at lot like a drumstick and it made me hungry until I finally added more stuff to it so it stopped looking edible. I also decided that Fimo was a lot easier to do this with--even though it's stiffer, it models a lot smoother than the Sculpey does.

(I still have to clean the torso.)

Sorry about the blurry pic! I cooked that upper arm, and the chopstick rests left a mark and the wire armature poked out, so I added more Sculpey and cooked it again at about 250 for 15 minutes, and it was fine--it stuck and hardened with the rest.

Here you can see the Fimo forearm and my fail elbow--next time I will put the mobility cut up on the upper arm and just make a stirrup elbow with a peanut. The peanut here is just a rolled-up piece of cardboard--I made the hole too small to put the elastic through it. :( The hand is a Sphaler claw hand borrowed from Zinnober--I will finish up a hand I have started out of Fimo, and use that if it survives cooking.

The new arm has a decent range of motion, despite the fugly joint.

Here's the Fairyland elbow. It works really well but it is not something I could make here with clay, and I wouldn't want to copy the design anyway.

I have to say Sculpey/Fimo brings it's own sueding to the game. I have no idea how long these joints will hold up under use, though.

But, he does have an arm now! More cleaning and stringing will happen next week, as I have actual work to do tomorrow.

Mostly done as of 9/7/2015... though I want to redo his hand/wrist setup:

Also no laundry was done today.


  1. That's a really cool looking arm, hopefully the joints will resist :D

    1. Thank you, I hope so too! If not I will make a new one with metal embedded in the Fimo to strengthen it!

  2. great arm! great job! (Found this page googling looking for Euclase... felt I should explain the stalking. lol.)

    1. LOL No problem! That arm has held up so well I never did put on the "real" one that Krowbar found and sent me!

  3. also great face you were sculpting! and I loved (still love) Ohata's work, too. yummy stuff.

    1. Thank you so much! The cat is endlessly entertaining, even with hairballs <3


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