Friday, October 30, 2015

Cat Mask

This is actually Cat's birthday present--she was born on Halloween! How cool is that? Anyway, it came from Target but I felt it had insufficient bling and I underestimated how long it would take to bling it and line it.

Since I have been working, the cat twice now has brought me lunch at the computer:

She comes down the hall, drops it in the studio, and leaves. I always thank her. Mostly for not dropping them off alive! She was not willing to pose in the recent Iplehouse box, btw:

Fall has come and there are a million mice and voles on the march out there--it is a pretty time of year, though.

And finally, today's Hat, with the proudest Raven in the land:

The front with the veil, which IMO needs a little tweaking:


  1. At least you get protein! Stripy-cat is a might hunter. Tama cat always comes running in with a piece of paper he has managed to purloin from either my patterning or something from the junk mail bag, drops it and runs off like a crazy thing.


    1. Aww Tama is so cute!!! And paper is easy to clean up...I took the vole out and had an awkward conversation with my neighbor while I was holding it in the tongs (I put the voles and mice in the compost heap instead of the trash, unless they are in a Victor trap).

  2. Fish, your yard is always so lovely. I have lots to do to get the yard at our old house back in shape. Right now we are still working on the inside although that is slowly coming together.

    1. That is so exciting though--I saw the Zillow photos of your house in town and fell in love with it--you can grow all the camellias and azaleas that would just die here, and you still have a month to work out there. I just have 9 million leaves to drag into the back!


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