Tiles at Jain Ceramics

So I was dragging around the web looking for reference for a tiger eye stone, and I came across Jain Ceramics. I was intrigued because I thought maybe they had glazed tiles that looked like faux gemstones, but no, they take the real stuff and make your bathroom or kitchen out of them. The website does not have enough pictures, but the photos they have are splendid. Sadly they are based in India and the product is heavy for shipping, but if you are a Romney you could probably have them fly out and install a tiger-eye half bath for you. Or perhaps a mosiac pool. In any case, if you are a artist who needs some gem refs, they have some nice ones.

It turns out that I can paint faked gems like a boss, which is a lot of fun, but I wish the art fairy had given me the ability to draw engine cutaways or architectural elevations, which have more of a income-producing possibility. :D