Catching Up

This is one of Gypsyangel's upcoming Terrible Twins, either Malice or Mayhem...I can't tell them apart;) . I have been on the computer for hours without getting around to actually posting on the blog, though stuff is going on--last weekend Jon went outside and came in and said the lamppost in the back yard had fallen over...but not the huge copper-lamped monstrosity by the pergola, but a semi-useful one in the back by the shed. Dry rot had apparently chewed through the base, despite the original owner's hopeful placement of plastic around the base. The worst part is that it landed on my wind chimes. :o

The wind chimes in happer times:

I did save the unbroken suns and I will restring them with another half set I have in a box. Chicago is hard on wind chimes--I've learned to keep them away from windows so that the wind doesn't yank them off the holder and toss them through the window. I did have these briefly on the enclosed porch but then I would hit my head on them and be startled.

Anyway, speaking of startled, I have a shipping notice!!! Rexy is on her way!!

(I did not get the gorgeous dress, which I sort of regret but it made it more expensive than I was willing to spend).

As for the lamppost, we just fixed it by rolling up the Romex, taping over the switch, and now you'd never know we had a lamp in that part of the yard.