Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Templates Arrive!

I managed to fix the scrollwork on the brim of this version of the hat, and P3DArt shared the templates! Woot! I sat down and added notes to myself on it, so when I come back to it later I can remember what was going on with this hat. Since mostly this was a well-behaved model, the notes are pretty mellow:

Only the hat band has been difficult--the sides are especially easy to paint:

I have to go look and see what else is in P3DArt's Renderosity store--I just fell in love with the hat and ran off with it without looking around much. I love the Loli style anyway, I don't wear it myself--because I would look like this--

(so kawaii) but I think it is adorable and creative.

OK I went back to P3dArt's Virtual Store and she has at least three things I will go later and get. :D

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