Saturday, October 17, 2015


When they say "diamonds are forever" they really mean how long it takes to add highlights to a little cell of diamonds. I took a photo of a dress I have with diamond trim, picked out one of the "diamonds", cleaned it up a little, made it a little black and white drawing and then made a "brush" of it in photoshop, which works just like a stamp. The problem was that you can't make all the highlights the same, or it looks cheesy. I also did several ways of filling the ovals up there and then decided the 3rd from the left looked the best, and slapped it on today's version of The Hat. And yes, I tried to put the trim on the hat band and once more it didn't fit properly. I hate that hat band. The top of the brim is getting a redo, too, but the seams in the back are now fixed.

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