Some time ago I had an Iplehouse Addiction Bianca, which was gray. I loved everything about her..except that she was gray. Replacing her in pinky-normal is not easy, though--you have to go through Doll Choice, there is no layaway, and well, she isn't a cheap doll. So I just shelved the idea of getting a new Bianca after I sent the gray version on her way, and then I saw the toothy version for sale on the Den of Angels marketplace. She was in Slovakia, but the seller is one with a great reputation and my neighbor gets mail and packages all the time from Slovakia and the Czech republic, so I went ahead and bought the head. Slovakia post is efficient, and there was tracking--Slovakia to Vienna to ISC New York and then to (I assume) the sorting center for trucking, rather than airmail. And then nothing. And nothing. After several days I wrote a letter with pictures of the head and sent it to the sorting post office, and the next day! got a personal and very cordial email from the postmaster's secretary, assuring me that she was just slow, not lost. And here, just about exactly 10 days later, I got another hit on the tracking! Whoo! She is now in Chicago, maybe to be delivered tomorrow or Saturday. I tried making a paperclay body for her, and it was a learning exercise--if it ever dries, it might be usable, but it has a lot of thickness and water content and the paperclay is too fragile, IMO, to play with. So this evening I started a second one-piece body out of sculpey--I'm going to try to do it in two halves and epoxy them together along the sides. So this may not work, but it's better than a glue bottle.


  1. I'm cheering for you! This is amazing!


  2. that's looking great though hope it works :D

    1. I hope so too--I had hoped to do at least a waist joint but that might have to wait for the next one :D


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