Rexy Arrives!

She came yesterday and I took some time away from virtual hats to open her box and take a look at her. She is only the second Iplehouse doll that I have ordered with a faceup-- and I am so glad I did! I even got the little heart; I thought that was a custom makeup item! The boxes for the NYID girls are new too:

First look at a startled doll in the box :D :

Here is where I lifted her out and saw the heart:

The best part is that she is a reshell of an old Delf Miyu that I had called Corazon (Corazon was a former Arcadia Circus girl that had gotten very yellowed, I think she lives in New Jersey now after a serious de-yellowing session in Oxy Clean). If you have old Haute Doll magazines you can see the Miyu modelling some of the Arcadia Circus clothing. Bjd owners just pass these dolls around all over the world.

Anyway, THIS version of Corazon is delightful--I have Cora's old wig on the Rexy, and I think I want to swap it for a softer mohair, but the color is perfect:

The Iplehouse head plates are new, also--just brushed metal with Iplehouse embossed in them, instead of the plastic "jewel" that says "since 2003."

Like everyone else she needs clothes, but I am not too worried about it as Iplehouse is full of NYID clothes and eventually I will go back and get her something--in the meantime she has some hand-me-downs she can wear. Mostly I would like to find some Eyeco eyes that are the same color as the acrylics she shipped with--I would keep the acrylics but they don't fit well in her eyewells. I did buy some oval eyes from Iplehouse and while I like them, you can't really move them around in the eye, so you lose a lot of silly expressions. ;) Here are the glass eyes I bought--very pretty, though!

Now I must get back to making hats...


  1. Congrats! She is gorgeous and that face up is perfect for Corazon :D

    1. I was so thrilled to see it--Iplehouse sometimes seems to know what I want without me telling them--they did a perfect faceup for my Denzel, too and made some little changes to the default that made him even nicer. And thank you!! <3

  2. What a cutie! So sweet faced compared to the usual smolder pout IP dolls. I like how big her eyes are, she's very 1920s with her curls and Clara Bow lips, or 70s 20 retro look.


    1. She can almost wear a 16mm if the backs are the right shape! And she is supposed to wear early 1900's clothing...I think I have someone for each era of clothes I like now! I just need to squeeze in some time and work through the hibernation box of projects. And thank you too!


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