Zombie Hat and a Pumpkin

So this is the Zombie version of the Loli Hat. Almost everything on the hat, including the fabrics, exist as real objects in my house, (including the eyeball), and if I hadn't had so much trouble with the band around the base of the crown, it would have been done yesterday.

So here is the story of the pumpkin--we bought a huge pumpkin at a "Farmers Market" at the York Mall--about 20 pounds of it and really round, like a Cinderella coach. In past years we have always put them outside until we were ready to carve them, and now and then a squirrel would decide to get creative and do a little carving on their own--usually they make a hole, get inside and eat the seeds. So J came home, day before yesterday, and said "Where is the pumpkin?" Of course I had no idea. This what was what was left when I went to look at the place where the pumpkin had been, on the edge of the front steps:

(Please note that we have a Halloween-appropriate "headless cat" here.) Also that we live on the side of a small, steep hill. So I just thought some enterprising raccoon had eaten half of it and then taken the rest with him or her. But yesterday we went out to eat, and as J backed out of the driveway, I happened to glance down at the ditch on the other side of the road AND THERE WAS THE PUMPKIN. We retrieved it when we got back from dinner. It's now locked in the garage. Look at the hole:

Now picture that the stairs are right at the edge of the steep, right-angling hill, and imagine poor Ms. Squirrel, thumping around inside the pumpkin eating seeds..when it gets rocked just a little...too.much and OVER IT GOES, down the front part of the hill, diagonally down to the driveway, GAINING SPEED, racing across two lanes of traffic, lofting itself magnificently into the air and then... bump! into the ditch. Out comes the squirrel, probably swearing never to eat anything Pumpkin-related ever again. You can see little claw marks on the outside of the pumpkin, probably from the speed of the squirrel's exit. The stem broke off but the pumpkin is otherwise ok and partially cleaned inside, as well as having a starter hole/eye.


  1. The first thing I thought was: Awesome hat! then I thought, no wait, do Zombie Hats want to eat your brains? O_o

    There's a reason they call them squirrels. >.> I laughed so hard the neighbors thumped on the wall!


    1. OMG maybe they do! I hadn't thought of how dangerous a Zombie Hat could be!
      Squirrels are ridiculous--I admit that most of the time I neutral about them but every now and then they are adorable.


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