Let Us Spray

The weather was insanely great here today--low humidity, 80 degrees, and sunny--so off came Perdita's head and I painted her up. It went pretty well for me and an Iplehouse head (I always have trouble painting realistic heads). Then I tried to put microglitter on her eyelids. Don't do that. The Perfect Pearl shimmer powders are a lot more the right scale for shiny things on a small head. I sort of papered over my mistake with some Jaquard duotone purple/gold shimmer paint, put in some of the sculpey eyes (her "proper" eyes are drying still) and took her out for a photo or two. It was super windy by then and after a couple of photos the wind blew her wig off--but I am so happy with her. She is the first cheerful Bianca I have ever seen! I may still put in eyelashes but I have to order some special ones from Mint on Card for her.

I also did some more eyes because I wanted to try the Modge Podge Dimensional Magic on the eyes I had made before, and you need low humidity to get it to set properly. I got two bubbles out of 15 eyes and I consider that pretty good--much better than the Fimo equivalent I was using before. I have more eyes made up to paint next week.