Saturday, October 10, 2015

Package From Sicktress!

I wasn't doing the best job on Claudia's face, and Sicktress was willing to paint her up--and she made Claudia *perfect*. Here is a better photo from Sicktress herself:

Sicktress not only has steady hands, I love her style and it was exactly what I wanted for my glam con-artist/street magician/ actual mage (though she doesn't know it) Claudia the Conjuror. Claudia already has a huge box of North African-inspired outfits and magical rubbish, and now a face. :D I did have an Iplehouse Stella before, and as beautiful as Stella was, she didn't have the charm that the Venus sculpt does. She also seemed to have "one expression" for all occasions, probably because her face was so symmetrical. One of the things I love about the Iplehouse Bianca is that she is not symmetrical at all, so she can smile or scowl depending on how you turn her.

Sicktress also makes props (Teodor the Necromancer's staff was made by her) and she made Coriel an Elvish bow with leaves--this is not a great photo, and I will take more with Coriel once I get her into her clothes again and string the bow, but you can see the size and the color scheme--it's a wonderful bow!

Sicktress is awesome. :)


  1. Thank you so much for letting me work on such a gorgeous sculpt :)

    1. I'm so grateful you did--you made her the way she was supposed to be! <3


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