Griffins and Rubies

This is something I did a couple of weeks ago--the final will have different type (this publisher doesn't like script fonts on the basis that they don't thumbnail well, and I haven't persuaded them otherwise). The file title made me laugh..there are various versions of it in the folder, including THEVERYLASTGRIFFINwtype.jpg. Usually I have Monday_title, Tuesday_title, Wednesday_title, (skip Thursday because of sulking over much needed changes) and then the Final_title, then ReallyFinal, and then ReallyFinal_goodtext.

This last week I have been texturing the Loli Hat, and once I figure out what was what on the template, it went a lot faster. (I found a quick way to do it--I slapped a page of text down for the texture map, rendered it and then I could see where the edges of the pieces were). There is a real way to extract the UV's from Poser, but I haven't found the right tutorial for it, and so far my bootleg methods work ok.(the professional way to check textures is to apply a checkerboard with each square numbered, so you can see where the polygons stretch and where your painted map will distort more precisely.) I did learn how to make a reflection map, which I had not done before...Poser renders it "upside down" for some reason, but I decided I didn't care since all I had to do to fix it was flip the map. Anyway, I did some photos for texture sources, including a giant ruby, which turned out to look crappy as a border, but which might be useful in some other project. Here's the ruby:

This is where I put it and then said "Nope":

The hat now has scrollwork and all kinds of other rococo stuff on it. I'm still working on other versions of it.