Beetle Eyes

"Beetle Eyes" as far as I can tell, aren't a brand, but the style of low dome/small iris eyes that fit best in Granado and some Iplehouse dolls. I have been poking around for them since I have needed some eyes for various people here and I haven't been entirely satisfied with my own creations. At the same time I couldn't quite bring myself to pay the 60.00 dollars a pair for the gorgeous Doll Bakery eyes (made in Idaho!). So I looked around Den of Angels and realized that there was an Asian dealer (KOKdolls) that carried this style of eyes, and maybe were the suppliers for Granado's occasional eye specials... or at least the two companies were sharing some of the same eye styles. So I went and looked at the KOK site. Their English is a little opaque, but not bad, so I ordered some eyes from them. It wasn't too hard to follow the directions to register and fill my cart ( I do think the Terms of Service were in Chinese, but I went "ok" anyway) :o though if you have autofill for mailing forms, the KOK software wants you to use only the regular 5 digit zip code and not the additional 4 numbers that the US uses. Also there is a dropdown for the state, but not the city; though having the zipcode fixes that omission. I also paid with PayPal so they have the complete mailing address in a form they can translate if needed.

After I got a confirmation email of my order, I actually got a small refund of part of the postage! (I wasn't clear how to adjust the postage for eyes; but I am so used to paying astronomical EMS for tiny things, that I didn't flinch at the first postage quote on the site). I think that is a really good sign of an honest and careful dealer, so if the package comes OK I might order more from them. They also carry MaskCat dolls and wigs--I have seen a few of the Mask Cat girls on Den of Angels, and they are pretty. I always assumed they were msd sized but this girl (Lisette) is a regular 58cm size and price, about 500.00 before extras.

If I read Chinese I'd be a lot braver about getting on Taobao (an ebay equivalent in China) and going nuts. I have lots of dollie friends that just Google translate pages, order heaps of eyes and trim and Wamami shoes, run through Paypal and never seem to worry about it; but I am convinced if I did that I would be the first person to buy a shipping container of something by accident, or maybe an entire ship.

Hopefully the postage would tip me off that the order was wrong.


  1. I love KoK doll!! They actually have an eBay store. I have some and ordered more eyes from them that should be here soon! Their 16mm small iris eyes are perfect for this doll I like with 12mm but without the pesky gap!

    1. That is good to hear--and that is exactly what I am hoping, that the eyes will fit without gapping on the sides, but also not be O.O in the doll ;)


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