New Feet for Tesla

As part of a trade with Angela_Valentine, I received some Soom flat feet and some heel feet! I was so happy to get them, as Tesla has been wearing some Impldoll old Star Man feet, which made her stand very securely, but also limited what she could wear for shoes. Now she can wear cute heels!

Also, Admiral Pickering can now have some human feet--the Impldoll feet fit the Soom body he's on. He's been on the Euclase body, with talons instead of feet; and while the talons are impressive, having giant parrot feet means that putting on trousers is very difficult. So now Pickering can wear pants again, and to celebrate I threw together some underwear to keep him decent until I get around to making his real clothing.


  1. Disney mermaids - teehee :)

    1. Since he's a sailor I figured Ariel would be OK :D It was that or anchors--I still might do a pair in the anchors pattern.


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