I think I have joint custody of this guy--as long as I spoil him, he will deign to stay here even though it's crowded and not what he's used to. I did get him a Beachgirl cloak. :D He's painted by Francesca and I need to do a detail photo of him in good light so his amazing painting shows. I think he also needs a wig that shows off his ears, much as I love this one.


  1. He's super awesome!! I saw him on tumblr first and I love his ears so I say yes to anything that makes them more visible :D

    1. Thank you! I had one years ago and sold him..and missed him! (I think he's really still Akutenshi's, but I am enjoying having him stay here for now)

    2. Oh no he's not! He's all yours in his crazy, smug glory! I just claim first buyback rights whenever you get tired of his smugness and kick him out! :)

    3. Aww, but he always looks so pleased with his offerings! It's fun to spoil him!


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