Soom has a ...tadpole..!

Yes, that is a tadpole..or T.P. on the dropdown menu..I thought for a second it was a prop; but no, for an extra 50.00 you get the polliwog AND it's blushing. You do have to order a Toad with it, because it needs parental supervision, and you can get the "Singing" head or the regular default head. All this for less than 250.00. The clothes are more for the completist collector--they are cute little hemmed scraps rather than full clothes, but toads look fine naked, IMO. I already have a Mr. Ropuha Toad so I won't be getting this one, though it is tempting to make my own polliwog. Though perhaps Mr. Ropuha is not ready for sharing his box with offspring :D


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    1. Isn't that crazy fun? I love it's little polka dots. When I was growing them we called that the "pollifrog" stage, when it had both a tail and embarassing little legs.


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