Thursday, March 10, 2016

Withdoll Angela

Rather surprisingly, I am now the owner of a Dark Elf Withdoll Angela. She is mini sized, about the same size and shape as a Tonner fashion doll, which for me is ..tiny. Tiny little hands, tiny size 10 mm eyes, though 12mm fit too if you don't mind a larger iris. She is beautifully made, and sharp and clean inside. I can't mess up her elastic as I have none that size--maybe 3mm or smaller. She has magnet hands, which I am not really crazy about as I can't lose these--I think Withdoll no longer makes this color, and I am her 4th owner. So far I have sort of a face for her:

Also a pair of eyes, drying right now (pupilless glitter eyes)

And hopefully this Saturday I can sew her some basics, and eventually a more complicated outfit. I did pick out a name for her by opening up a dictionary; so meet "Nike Pinecone, Dark Elf Magic User." The name cracks me up, but I am grateful for the dictionary's help. Otherwise she would have been "Rosy Brown", her official resin color. (It's actually more like a Smoky Grey now, I think it's faded a bit.) Here she is with her homemade eyes installed:

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