The Beetle Eyes Arrive!

They came in a tiny box with a tiny shrunken postage label--just like you would print on your computer for the USPS, but the size for an SD.

I think KOK is run by dolls now.:D All the eyes came in little perfect boxes, with the part number on the outside--and poster tack! yay!

And inside, the eyes!

The guy I planned to put the beetle eyes in is off with Sicktress getting painted, so I tried the gold eyes in Claudia, my Granado Venus. Right now she has green ovals that you can't move at all, so it would be nice to have round ones so she can look to the side and up.

And here are the gold eyes--I find the pupils are large but they are sort of cute, and the size is better than the green ones she had before:

Sicktress also painted Claudia; I love the sweet/mischievous look she captured with this faceup! So once Neptune gets back I will try those tiny, tiny blue ones. I don't know who gets the fancy glitter 14mm eyes, I just thought they were great. I was also happy with the quality of all the eyes and I will be ordering more from KOK once I earn some more money.

Beetle Eyes at KOK

In the meantime I managed to get the last of the plastic out of the pond, so now I just need a bag of dirt, stuff from the compost pile and a lot of shovelling to make my new annual bed. Right now it just looks like a hole. :o


  1. Those eyes look really nice! Are they glass? they are super shiny!!

    Had to google what an annual bed was haha, but it will look amazing once you get it done~ hope you share some pictures by then :D

    1. I hope so--I just buy the plants from Home Depot and pop them in, so they should look pretty nice all summer :D
      Yes, the KOK eyes are glass! Sooo tiny! They have little stems in the back for adjusting them, too. I should put the URL in the post, too!


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