Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mitsuwa Meetup March 19

Yes, it's a Doll Chateau snail, I think the mold is named..."Larry". This one is a girl and it's owner was busy knitting it the Worlds Tiniest bra top, about the size for a kilt for a fly. Here's another pic:

Best of all that shell comes off to reveal a slug like cutie body underneath it! hehe!

Gherkin came to visit, and brought her winged Bory; the wings are done with Rub n Buff and it seems to work perfectly:

I think these were hers too:

I was totally charmed by these two resinsoul cuties--a ghost girl, so delicate and pretty, and a merman (!)

Akutenshi's Dollshe Aramis came back with a glorious faceup and also got a haircut as part of the new look:

(The "Tube thing" in front of him is an long-arm doll stand.)

It was a fun afternoon!

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