A Swallowtail At Last

Usually once the phlox is in bloom, we have a few Eastern Swallowtails come every day to sit on them--but not this year. I don't know whether there are just fewer butterflies this year, or whether my decision to take out the pond meant that there is no water to attract as many. (Though less mosquitoes makes it worth not having the pond). But this morning we finally got this battered specimen to come by and check out the blooms. I might be able to attract more if I plant more parsley or fennel, both of which the grubs like to eat. I can also go get a small plastic birdbath and put it where the phlox are and see if that helps. But at least I can say I have..one:

It's been a fabulous year for fireflies, though they are almost impossible to photograph with my camera, and of course it's always a good year for squirrels:

Also the rabbits seem to be back. One of the things on the porch does not belong:

I was able to open the door and use the broom to shoo it out; but Stripey needs to play with the rabbits outside.