Granado's Embody Body

Photos and measurements for the Embody body are up at Granado! It looks nice, it is indeed in the 68-70 cm range; it is in fact the same height at the Evol, but smoother, if that makes sense--here they are together:

I think this body might be very compatible with Iplehouse heads, both in style and with the 11.5 cm neck. I see that it looks like the shoulders have been reinforced and bevelled a little, which would help keep those areas from cracking, though the hip edge might be a little thin and you would have to be careful not to chip it with some costume details like harness or pocket chains, or extreme poses.  Granado is working to finish up a video showing how the body poses, I expect there will be a link to that on the Granado Facebook page in a few days. While I am not really interested in bringing Michael home (he's the current head on the Embody) I am sure that Crocus will come up with someone I want. The Evol versions of Charles and Uranus should fit this new body, too. Also the new toes are set to be tabi/geta toes so you can put them in traditional Japanese shoes or modern flip flops.