Yenna's Blog, Reposted Again

This is one of my most favorite dollshoots from anyone, ever; I found it again to show a friend who was a little worried that the dolls were delicate. Believe me, if dolls were delicate I wouldn't own them--you may have noticed I don't own a single porcelain doll, not even from the thrift store. BJD's are sturdier than Barbies, even. And Yenna makes Sigrun, her Souldoll, look fantastically ethereal in this photoshoot.

I also have been meaning to visit her Etsy--at this point I have pretty much all the dolls I was hoping to own, and I would like to focus more on clothes and props. Yenna sews incredibly well and the post from Finland to here is reliable, so it's very tempting. You can visit her etsy here.