Saturday, August 13, 2016

Liquid Fimo and More Sculpey

I have this liquid Fimo from Staedler that you are supposed to bake in the oven, and it is suppose to cure and be clear and flexible. It's not clear for bubbles and looks cloudy, no matter what I do about the time and the temperature I cook it. If I make a dot on some foil and cook that, it comes out OK, but that isn't all that useful. So I decided to just try pouring more in a foil container and adding some glitter, and cooking that, and see what happens.
I just wrapped foil around this plastic xacto cover for the shape.

bwahaha a use for the Glitter Flakes!

Cut them up small...

After I added the Fimo, the blue Glitter Flakes stained the Fimo blue..:o

Ready to cook...

Ding! Out they come, I let them cool for about ten minutes, and then it is time to unwrap them!

Quite a bit of flash around the edges. The Fimo is so rubbery the xacto would not cut it, so I used some scissors to trim the edge. It's like the stuff that flip flops are made of, flexible and tough.

Big-ass bubble.
More "translucent" than "transparent".

Unwrapped and trimmed. I liked the glitter and the texture from the foil! I discovered that they float, too, so there is some possibility of making fishing lures with them. I will try hot-glueing these rectangles onto some item of clothing for Blue the Android; I  also made some other sculpey stuff to go with these, and also a Dr. Seuss-like tiara for Dragael:

And a "Opal" coral tiara for Bubbles, and about a million "opals;" everything from tiny beads to these bigger jewels:

I need to make the shells again in a non-transparent sculpey, they looked a lot better before I cooked them!
 Stripey supervised most of the day:

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